Patty & Jose

                                                                        How we Met

Jose and I met on a day out on the boat, it was February 25th 2007 on a Sunday afternoon. We hit it off instantly and talked the whole day as if we had known each other forever. On the boat ride back i was cold, so he offered his long sleeve shirt to keep me warm and I ended up leaving home with it on. Little did I know that he was perfectly aware that I was still wearing it and used it as a tool to get to see me again. Our first date was that first Wednesday and I new there and then that this was the man i had always dreamed of. We were inseparable from that point on and had constant smiles on our faces every time we mentioned each others name. =) It was a wonderful beginning to an amazing relationship.

                                                                      The Proposal

First, let me start off by saying that Orlando is one of our favorite vacation getaways. We headed up on Saturday 9/26/09 and on Sunday morning 9/27/09, Jose tells me he has a surprise lunch for me. With no clue where we were going I get in the car. As were driving up to the entrance of Magic Kingdom, I am blown away at this first surprise, we then begin to walk towards Cinderella's Castle and the second surprise hits me....We are having lunch in Cinderella's Castle with all the princess's!!!!  And as if that wasn't enough, when we were done eating, the waiter brings what looks to be dessert and as he lifts up the cover off the plate, there lies a glass slipper on a bed of red rose pedals with my ring in the slipper. Need I say more?

I have truly found my prince charming and could have never imagined a better proposal. I always new I wanted my proposal to be special, but never had I imagined it was going to be this breath taking.